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About Us

Shenzhen DouFang technology co., LTD., founded in 2013, is a professional and authoritative enterprise that is committed to creating environmentally-friendly and healthy breathing for all humankind. Our company enjoys a high reputation in the field of air environmental protection.


The company has the undisputed authoritative high-tech innovation technology in the field of dust, microorganism, and dirt control of the environmental system. We provide customers with professional air filtration clean technology solutions! The company has a complete and scientific quality management system—Shenzhen doufang technology co., LTD. Integrity, strength, and product quality recognized by the industry. Welcome to visit, guidance, and business negotiations.


Company's featured products & services:

air purifier, air purifier rental, air testing instrument, intelligent air net system, HEPA filter, activated carbon filter, photocatalytic filter, formaldehyde removal filter, TVoc filter, ozone removal filter, antibacterial filter, car air filter, air filter. As a special air purifier filter producer, we have cooperation with the following brands: air purifier filters (Midea, Gree, Panasonic, fly's, SANYO, Sharp, Honeywell, Broad group, etc.). Development and manufacture of new filtration materials for various levels of air purification.


At present, the company has three famous brands, Xinshuang brand air filter, howeair brand air purifier, and jonelove intelligent air quality detection instrument, which have gained a good reputation in the Chinese market. Some of the products exported to Europe, America, South Korea, and other overseas countries.


To better provide customers with quality services, doufang technology co., ltd. Our company has a group of senior engineers and a large number of professional and technical personnel with advanced specialized experience and independent research and development capability in the field of air environmental protection at home and abroad. With the industry's leading advanced production equipment and air quality testing equipment; All operations and management of all enterprises implement global unified management standards. From the purchase of raw materials, manufacturing, and processing, product sales to the customer terminal, each process has been strictly tested and controlled to ensure the quality of products. As one of the global professional air purifier filter manufacturers, doufang technology solemnly promises:

Free to provide customers with reliable quality consulting and technical support!

To achieve global customer satisfaction, the company insists on data and facts as the basis, comprehensive in-depth to meet the specific needs of customers. We provide customers with professional advice, detailed air purification field product description, and perfect one-stop solution. Reduce the operation cost for customers to a large extent and protect the vital interests of customers to a large extent!


Professional makes air cleaner; professional makes breathing healthier!


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